But, Alex Haley said we came from Africa!

No!  Alex Haley said HE came from Africa.  The TV miniseries, “Roots”, was based on the book Alex Haley wrote about his own lineage.  Many people I grew up with in the late 70’s embraced this story as their own, including me, mainly because it gave us a sense of belonging – something we were hungry for.  To our detriment, some are still claiming African ancestry without knowing for sure.

The truth of the matter is, less than four percent of the slaves taken from Africa ended up on the shores of North America.  According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, a majority of the slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and South America.  My previous post titled, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” illustrates how copper-colored people were already in America before the slave trade began.

Know Better:
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database website: slavevoyages.org

Do Better:
Stop following the herd and find out who you really are by researching your ancestry.

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