Follow The Money

Bank of Texas Note
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Image:  “Commercial and Agricultural Bank of Texas $1.00 (one dollar)” – Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library

U.S. culture is unfortunately tainted with corruption and conspiracies and it is known that if you want to get to the truth of a matter you should “follow the money”.  This proved to be true, in a sense, when I went looking for the truth about who the real original Americans were.

In the 1800s, U.S. private banks printed their own paper currency often featuring images of what they called Indians.  The Bank of Texas note, pictured above, clearly depicts the Indian as copper-colored and not the likeness of those mostly seen on reservations today.  The article in the link below features other bank notes depicting images of copper-colored people as well.

Know Better:
Surviving Images, Forgotten Peoples –

Do Better:
If you have been keeping up with my blogs and are copper-colored, but not certain your ancestors derived from a country in Africa, you should have at least started asking your eldest relatives questions about those who came before them.

The 1800s seem like a long time ago, but you may have relatives whose grandparents shared stories with them about their grandparents (who would have lived during or very close to the 1800s).  The longer we wait to collect information, the further we get from the truth.  It is important for us to know our past, so it won’t be washed away completely by those who have been keeping it from us.

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