It was during the fall of 2000 something, when I realized I didn’t know enough about myself to help my seven year old with his family heritage school project.  The task was simple.  Create a place mat using pictures and images of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc., along with items that represent the heritage and culture of your country.

I thought this would be a breeze, until my son started asking questions about Africa.  After all, he is African American.  Why wouldn’t he want to include information about Africa?  Shamefully, many of my answers ended with, “I just don’t know.”  I couldn’t, in good conscience, fill my son’s heritage mat with things related to African culture when I didn’t know for certain that’s where we came from.

This uncertainty led me to research my ancestry, which revealed I originate from the copper-colored races of people the Europeans found right here in America.   I also learned a great deal about people of color in America, that you won’t find in the typical history books.  In this blog, I will share the fact-based information I encountered in order to enlighten people of color in America.

Inspired by Sister Yaffa Bey.  Thank you for the knowledge.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. The copper skin toned people that exist here today,are owed land and other resources such as money and grants because we are native here,but we have allowed our selves to be called these misnomers such as “BLACK people,colored,african american”which the Europeans use as a way of not having to pay or compensate us for what happened to our culture,land and people.Every nation on this planet is receiving some sort of stypen or free land for what the Europeans have done to them,including the Jews,but us as the copper toned peoples….But they still owe…


  2. I read your “ABOUT” and I agree with you. I also feel that it is a shame that (we) the people or color knows more about the heritage of Jesus Christ than we do our own. Can I get an AMEN. People, we must do better.


  3. What’s your take on African explorers reaching Americas long before Columbus and having a direct influence on the culture IE the book they came before Columbus?


    1. So much has been falsified about America’s history, including the fact that Columbus wasn’t the first to discover America. I haven’t read They Came Before Columbus, but find it very plausible.


  4. Well it’s very interesting because some research shows that black Africans predated the American Indian in the America’s -check out this site:


    “Native Americans descend from the Mexican Olmecs, who were also black people. The Olmecs were the first major civilization in Mexico (and possibly all of North America). The modern Mexicans we see today are a result of the mixing between the Spaniard colonizers and the indigenous Mexicans.”

    Also…this clip I found on the internet-why wasn’t this a big news story?


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