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Follow The Money

Bank of Texas Note
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Image:  “Commercial and Agricultural Bank of Texas $1.00 (one dollar)” – Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library

U.S. culture is unfortunately tainted with corruption and conspiracies and it is known that if you want to get to the truth of a matter you should “follow the money”.  This proved to be true, in a sense, when I went looking for the truth about who the real original Americans were.

In the 1800s, U.S. private banks printed their own paper currency often featuring images of what they called Indians.  The Bank of Texas note, pictured above, clearly depicts the Indian as copper-colored and not the likeness of those mostly seen on reservations today.  The article in the link below features other bank notes depicting images of copper-colored people as well.

Know Better:
Surviving Images, Forgotten Peoples –

Do Better:
If you have been keeping up with my blogs and are copper-colored, but not certain your ancestors derived from a country in Africa, you should have at least started asking your eldest relatives questions about those who came before them.

The 1800s seem like a long time ago, but you may have relatives whose grandparents shared stories with them about their grandparents (who would have lived during or very close to the 1800s).  The longer we wait to collect information, the further we get from the truth.  It is important for us to know our past, so it won’t be washed away completely by those who have been keeping it from us.

Mound Builders and a Suprising Hidden Truth

In this 17 minute video, a researcher tells the truth about the sophistication and intelligence of the original Americans, whom I’ve already established were the copper-colored races of people the Europeans found here.  He also uncovers a hidden truth about who lived among them, that will surprise you.

Know Better:

Do Better:
There is a faction of people going to great lengths to suppress information about who the original Americans truly were/are and what they were/are capable of.  Ask yourself, “why?”  Then, get curious about your history and wonder what else is being kept from you.  The answers are out there, you just have to look for them.  Start by researching your ancestry.   Does it seem strange to you that copper-colored people of America are the only people on the planet who do not know their country of origin?

Less Than Human? Not!

As a result of programming from school, I was led to believe enslaved people in America were considered less than human because they were counted as three-fifths of a person.  Recently, I’ve learned this mind-set derived from the Three-Fifths Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which had nothing to do with the value of a person, but everything to do with politics.

In a nutshell, southern slave owners wanted enslaved people counted in their states’ population to give them greater representation in the House of Representatives.  Northerners, of course, fought against this because it would put them at a disadvantage since they didn’t own slaves.  So, they compromised and agreed to count enslaved people as three-fifths of a person in the population.

Know Better:
Three-Fifths Compromise Clause –

Do Better:
People of color in America are generally belittled, or thought less of, by every other race of people.  I can’t say for sure that this three-fifths of a person idea is the cause, but I have a feeling it has something to do with it.  Subconsciously, we may even think less of ourselves because of it.  Now that you know the truth, be certain of your value and never allow anyone to make you feel less than human.

Last Queen of Hawaii

Image:  “Lydia Kamakaeha” by unknown – onipaa.orgHawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-98-10-009. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia 

This beautiful sister was the last queen of Hawaii.  Unfortunately, she and her people suffered the same fate as the copper-colored people found in America (by the same perpetrators).  In 1894, she was unlawfully stripped of her sovereignty and overthrown by the U.S. government.  This was during the same time period in which the copper-colored people of America were being forced from their land and “civilized” by the Europeans.  It was then that Hawaii was annexed to the United States.

The difference between copper-colored people of America (who think they’re Black), and Hawaiian people is that Hawaiians are currently organizing to fight for their sovereignty.  Before Blacks in America can come together for any such movement, we must first wake up to who we really are.

Know Better:
Queen Lydia Liliuokalani –
Debate on Federal Recognition for Native Hawaiians –

Do Better:
The next time you see a Hawaii tourism commercial advertising a vacation or you actually get to go there yourself, think about the last Queen of Hawaii and the indigenous people who are fighting for what’s rightfully theirs.  Hopefully this will motivate you to find out who you are and fight for your own rights.

IGNORance is NOT Bliss!

Ignorance simply means to ignore the truth.  The common quote, “Ignorance is Bliss,” implies that what you don’t know can’t hurt you.  I’m here to tell you that what you don’t know can hurt you and has hurt copper-colored people of America ever since being found here by the Europeans.  Ignoring the truth is what caused our people to forget who we are in the first place.

For example, in order to survive the atrocities facing them, many of our ancestors lost their identities while allowing the Europeans to civilize them – see my previous post titled, “Give Them an Inch and They’ll Take a Mile.”  Another example is when some accepted the race classification of Black – see my previous post titled, “Identity Crisis and the Name Game.”  Our ancestors weren’t given much of a choice, so they did what they had to do.  We don’t live in the same hostile environment as they did, so what’s our excuse?

Know Better:
The posts in this blog are not here to entertain, but to educate readers so the truth can be known.  Be sure to click on the links provided in each “Know Better” section and read or watch the information for yourself.

Do Better:
WAKE UP!!!  We’ve been in a deep sleep for far too long.  If you’re reading the posts in this blog, then you can’t say you didn’t know; and now that you do know, you have to either embrace the truth or choose to ignore it (and remain ignorant).

Black American Male: An Endangered Species?

Several years ago,  D.L. Hughley earned a Peabody Award for his Comedy Central special “The Endangered List,” where he documented his efforts to get the black American male placed on the endangered species list.  Although it was comedy, he was very serious and for good reasons.  An unacceptable amount of our brothers are disenfranchised from society due to criminal records, which leads to being unable to find meaningful work to support themselves or a family, which too often leads to fatherless homes, which too often leads to young boys turning to the streets and getting criminal records, which starts the cycle all over again!  Not to mention they’re taking each others’ lives and the lives of innocent bystanders at an unprecedented rate.  Statistics show more than 60% of people in prisons today are people of color and black men are six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men.

You may be wondering what this has to do with researching your ancestry, which is the main theme of my posts on this blog.  Well, it’s easy to blame the system for targeting our brothers.  It’s hard to take personal responsibility for their plight and do something about it.  I believe if our brothers (and sisters) knew where their ancestors originated and knew the rich history of their people, they would be more likely to value their lives enough to want to do better and demand others do better by them.  Believing our history is limited to slave history, can make us look down on ourselves.  It’s no wonder other races look down on us and treat us as if we’re nothing.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on our heritage, so we can educate others.

Know Better:
D.L. Hughley interview on The Daily Show –
D.L. Hughley Peabody Award –
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Do Better:
Be a part of the solution by helping educate people of color in America on who our ancestors were and our rich history (whether they originated from America or from a country in Africa).  First you’ll have to research your own ancestry, then share what you learn with your family.  I realize it’s a stretch to say this can possibly turn things around, but it is something when nothing else seems to be working.

I also recommend you find and watch D.L. Hughley’s Comedy Central special, “The Endangered List.”

Africa is NOT a Country!

The media and schooling have done a great job discounting the countries in Africa by continually referring to them as a collective “Africa”.  When European countries are discussed, their names are mentioned like France, Germany and Italy.  Or, when Asian countries are discussed, names like China, Japan and India are mentioned.  When African country names are mentioned, they’re usually being portrayed in a negative light.  Why not give African countries the same respect as other countries?  Africa is, after all, the world’s 2nd largest continent with 54 countries.  Not to mention, it’s said to be the birthplace of humanity.  Could it have something to do with the brown skin of a majority of the people?

I say yes, and this same disrespect of brown-skinned people is taking place in America by classifying us all as African-Americans.  Generalizations, such as this, lead to a diminishment of value.  To say you’re from Africa, is to say you’re from anywhere in Africa – a man without a country.  Africa is a continent.  How can we be from a whole continent?  It’s laughable and diminishes who we are!  If we don’t think enough of ourselves to determine our origin, then how do we expect others to give us the respect we deserve?

Know Better:  This video is from the perspective of a Ghanaian sister.

Do Better:
With the amount of information available to us today, there is no longer an excuse to remain in the dark about who we are.  If your research reveals your ancestors originated in America, then you are American.  If your research reveals your ancestors descended from the continent of Africa, then make it your business to determine which country.

Ancestral Blood Flowing Through Your Veins

Do you know your blood type?  Surprisingly, most people don’t.  You inherit your blood type from your parents and they inherit it from their parents, and so on, and so on.  Just like the breadcrumbs that led Hansel and Gretel back to their home in the children’s fable, your blood type can give you clues as to where your ancestors may have come from.

The O blood type is extremely common among the indigenous people of the Americas.

Know Better:
Blood Type Geography Map – (Palomar College)

Do Better:
If you don’t already know your blood type, find out and compare it to the blood type geography map for a possible clue to where your ancestors may have originated.  If you are not Type O, this does not rule you out of having your origins in America.  Remember, your blood type comes from both your parents.

So, Who’s on the Reservations?

I can’t tell you who’s on the reservations today, but I have a pretty good idea why many of them are not copper-colored.

In order to claim Native American status in the United States, one must be a member of a federally recognized tribe.  Federally recognized tribes only accept people who can prove lineage from someone listed on the Dawes Rolls (taken between 1898-1906).  These rolls were taken after the Dawes Act and were considered the final rolls of the five civilized tribes.

The problem with the Dawes Rolls is that it doesn’t include those who decided not to leave their land east of the Mississippi River during the Trail of Tears, it doesn’t include those who refused to be listed on the rolls, and it doesn’t include those who didn’t meet their criteria.  It does, however, include Europeans who intermarried with native Americans as they were being “civilized” by the Europeans.

Know Better:
Dawes Commission Enrollment Records for Five U.S. Indian Tribes –
Beginning of the End of Copper-Colored Natives – previous post on the Trail of Tears
Give Them an Inch and They’ll Take a Mile – previous post on the Dawes Act

Do Better:
There’s a high probability you may not be able to claim Native American status in the United States based on their requirements, but that should not stop you from researching your ancestry to find out who you are.  Once you know for yourself, no one will ever be able to take that away from you (again).  Share what you learn with your family so they’ll know as well.

Give Them an Inch, and They’ll Take a Mile!

The Dawes Act of 1887  and the Curtis Act of 1898 further crippled the copper-colored people of America, who had previously been forced to migrate west of the Mississippi River under the Indian Removal Act – see my previous post titled, “The Beginning of the End of Copper-Colored Natives.”  This new law sought to civilize or make them more like the Europeans, by dividing up their tribal land, turning them into farmers, requiring attendance at churches/schools and subjecting them to U.S. laws.  Any land that wasn’t allotted to the Indians was put up for sale to the Europeans.  Also, if the Indians were deemed to be uncivilized after a certain time (by the Europeans’ standards), their land was also put up for sale.

Collectively, these laws ensured the demise of copper-colored people’s sovereignty, land holdings, traditions/customs and tribal affiliations.

Know Better:
Dawes General Allotment Act –
Cleveland Signs Dawes Act into Law –
Curtis Act –

Do Better:
If you are copper-colored in America and not certain your ancestors originated from Africa, you owe it to yourself, your relatives and your offspring to research your lineage.  You may find it was your ancestors whose land and sovereignty was taken from them.