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Africa is NOT a Country!

The media and schooling have done a great job discounting the countries in Africa by continually referring to them as a collective “Africa”.  When European countries are discussed, their names are mentioned like France, Germany and Italy.  Or, when Asian countries are discussed, names like China, Japan and India are mentioned.  When African country names are mentioned, they’re usually being portrayed in a negative light.  Why not give African countries the same respect as other countries?  Africa is, after all, the world’s 2nd largest continent with 54 countries.  Not to mention, it’s said to be the birthplace of humanity.  Could it have something to do with the brown skin of a majority of the people?

I say yes, and this same disrespect of brown-skinned people is taking place in America by classifying us all as African-Americans.  Generalizations, such as this, lead to a diminishment of value.  To say you’re from Africa, is to say you’re from anywhere in Africa – a man without a country.  Africa is a continent.  How can we be from a whole continent?  It’s laughable and diminishes who we are!  If we don’t think enough of ourselves to determine our origin, then how do we expect others to give us the respect we deserve?

Know Better:  This video is from the perspective of a Ghanaian sister.

Do Better:
With the amount of information available to us today, there is no longer an excuse to remain in the dark about who we are.  If your research reveals your ancestors originated in America, then you are American.  If your research reveals your ancestors descended from the continent of Africa, then make it your business to determine which country.