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Give Them an Inch, and They’ll Take a Mile!

The Dawes Act of 1887  and the Curtis Act of 1898 further crippled the copper-colored people of America, who had previously been forced to migrate west of the Mississippi River under the Indian Removal Act – see my previous post titled, “The Beginning of the End of Copper-Colored Natives.”  This new law sought to civilize or make them more like the Europeans, by dividing up their tribal land, turning them into farmers, requiring attendance at churches/schools and subjecting them to U.S. laws.  Any land that wasn’t allotted to the Indians was put up for sale to the Europeans.  Also, if the Indians were deemed to be uncivilized after a certain time (by the Europeans’ standards), their land was also put up for sale.

Collectively, these laws ensured the demise of copper-colored people’s sovereignty, land holdings, traditions/customs and tribal affiliations.

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Do Better:
If you are copper-colored in America and not certain your ancestors originated from Africa, you owe it to yourself, your relatives and your offspring to research your lineage.  You may find it was your ancestors whose land and sovereignty was taken from them.