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Less Than Human? Not!

As a result of programming from school, I was led to believe enslaved people in America were considered less than human because they were counted as three-fifths of a person.  Recently, I’ve learned this mind-set derived from the Three-Fifths Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which had nothing to do with the value of a person, but everything to do with politics.

In a nutshell, southern slave owners wanted enslaved people counted in their states’ population to give them greater representation in the House of Representatives.  Northerners, of course, fought against this because it would put them at a disadvantage since they didn’t own slaves.  So, they compromised and agreed to count enslaved people as three-fifths of a person in the population.

Know Better:
Three-Fifths Compromise Clause – heritage.org

Do Better:
People of color in America are generally belittled, or thought less of, by every other race of people.  I can’t say for sure that this three-fifths of a person idea is the cause, but I have a feeling it has something to do with it.  Subconsciously, we may even think less of ourselves because of it.  Now that you know the truth, be certain of your value and never allow anyone to make you feel less than human.